To reach the level of engagement required in the transition to sustainable fashion, facing its many complex challenges, we are constantly improving theoretical and methodological aspects. We work based on three pillars: Collaboration, Systemic View, and Experimentation.

1_ Collaboration:

it is the way we act amid a diversity of perspectives. We strengthen relationships and trust between participants by sharing ideas and practices, creating a pre-competitive space where people, companies, and institutions of different and even conflicting profiles and interests coexist. 

Adam Kahane’s concept of Stretch Collaboration is at the core of this pillar. According to him, the traditional way of imagining collaboration as harmonious teamwork is limiting. Instead, he suggests embracing conflict, experimentation, and genuine co-creation, providing tools to initiate change from within ourselves, in the way we see, hear, and relate to each other.

2_ Systemic view:

it is an approach to reality that seeks to understand the whole and the interconnection between the parts, embracing complexity. This type of thinking considers the power relations between parties and seeks to understand the causes of problems, not always direct, to act at system points with a high power of transformation. 

With this systemic view, we created four possible Scenarios for the Future of Brazil’s Fashion Industry in 2035, looked at the Brazilian fashion industry, and defined the six transformative axes of sustainable fashion – through which we can change the fashion chain in the coming years: Employment and Equity | Environment | Business Model | Culture and Consumption | Education, Science, and Technology | Public Policies.

3_ Experimentation:

The transformative axes originated the first working groups at Sustainable Fashion Collaboration , guiding the most concrete stage of our work: the prototyping of multi-sectoral initiatives. By co-creating and supporting projects connected to the Brazilian fashion chain, we expanded the sector’s positive impact and assessed ideas capable of scaling. 


The Sustainable Fashion Collaboration is structured to be a fertile ground for innovative and technological solutions that are also sustainable and ethical. We bring together a set of actors (people, companies, and institutions) that coexist, building an environment of prosperous connections where knowledge is disseminated.

We foster ecosystem interactions, which nourish the platform. For example, we intentionally created a space that mixes people from different regions, genders, races, and areas of activity to promote diversity.

We also employ a series of support actions for Collaborators (members of the platform), which may or may not happen in sequence:

• Collective Prototyping
• Connection between mentors and entrepreneurs
• Search for financial solutions to leverage initiatives
• Holding thematic meetings between Collaborators
• Promotion of our events and publications and also our partners’
• Development of leadership capabilities with a systemic view

Collaborative Solutions

These are multi-sectoral initiatives co-created in collaboration with individuals and companies. They put into practice the change they want to see in fashion. The Sustainable Fashion Collaboration prototyped and supported 29 of them between 2018 and 2020. At first, they were developed within our meetings. Over time, we also started to incubate and strengthen related initiatives generated by members in other contexts. Each one has its background and way of functioning, so we recommend visiting the page dedicated to them.

See the initiatives that are changing fashion

Calls, Surveys, and Announcements

We believe that innovative solutions require a favorable environment to flourish and be encouraged to achieve even more results. In addition to promoting the initiatives created by the Collaborators, we seek to deepen our vision of what has been created for the fashion chain in Brazil through calls, surveys, and announcements.

About the 2020 Sustainable Fashion Lab Call Coming soon: Seed Resources announcements for members

Meetings and Training

We believe in the strength of relationships and the development of capabilities as forces to promote change. Exclusive online meetings for Collaborators or open to the public, organized throughout the year, are our spaces to connect people and projects looking at the same dimensions – and eventually working together.

In 2021, at these meetings, we had moments to delve into concepts of sustainability and regeneration, innovation for regenerative fashion, and, among other topics, a Senai Cetiqt study on fashion businesses linked to sustainability in Brazil. As a complement, we organized training based on the ecosystem’s demands to help develop Collaborators to act. In addition, we had the first edition of the Sustainable Fashion Collaboration Annual Meeting with public sessions. We share more about this content on our blog and our YouTube channel.

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Studies and Research

The more information and knowledge we have about the reality of the Brazilian fashion industry, the greater our chance of transforming it. We consider the connection with the academy an essential part of innovation within the Brazilian fashion industry. Studies bring theoretical subsidies, conceptual depth, and updated data. For this reason, we support projects by partners and members of the Sustainable Fashion Collaborationin different spheres of development. Thus, we assess the value chain and provide learning (ours and of our Collaborators) to the industry.

Study with Senai CETIQT Fios da Moda Report - Content by Collaborators