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There are numerous ways to innovate in the fashion sector.  For us, one of the fundamental requirements is to address society’s systemic issues.  With this in mind, we provide a space for co-creation and support various initiatives developed by members of Colabora Moda Sustentavel.  Through our methodology, we walk alongside individuals, enterprises, and organizations in the creation and advancing of actions with the potential to drive circularity.  Across various fronts (education, production, decent work, and many others), these initiatives bring concreteness to change and inspire all segments of the fashion sector.


The initiatives of Colabora Moda Sustentavel are created by Collaborators and can receive our support in various stages of experimentation:


Collective prototyping;


Connection between mentors and entrepreneurs;


Exploring financial solutions for scaling up;


Public dissemination;


Leadership development with a systemic view;


Initiative created to train leaders and managers around essential topics related to the Brazilian reality: race, racism, racial discrimination, racial prejudice, racial equality, and affirmative action. 

período: 2019-2021

Proponente: The Decent Work Institute (ITD) (Patricia Lima)

Colaborantes Parceiros: Instituto C&A, Casa Salô (Lívia Salomoni),, Cora Design (Laura Madalosso, Raquel Chamis)

Initiative created to reinforce the social dialogue between workers and employers through roundtable discussions involving labor leaderships, trade unions, and small business owners to promote sustainable fashion.  Additionally, to establish collective agreements that value decent work and improve workers’ benefits. 

período: 2019-2020

Proponente: Francisca Trajano and Vicentina Vital, National Confederation of Workers in the Apparel Industry - Unified Workers' Central (CNTRV - CUT)

Parceiros Externos: Josenildo Melo and Cristiane Souza, National Confederation of Workers in the Apparel Industry - Unified Workers' Central (CNTRV-CUT)


The first initiatives supported by Colabora Moda Sustentavel were created collectively in 2018 and sought to respond in a systemic approach to ambitious challenges. Through them, we learned methodologies, as well as how to handle (or not handle) the problems of the fashion supply chain in Brazil.


As of 2019, many other initiatives have sprung up, the result of the transformative energy of a handful of entrepreneurs who were already following Colabora Moda from the get go or who joined the platform because of its innovation environment. Several of these initiatives also sought to respond to short-term issues, and some were guided by the idea of creating impact businesses or social businesses. That year also saw the launch of the first call for proposals for Seed Funding, a support mechanism exclusive to initiatives created by Collaborator members – and which has been key to overcoming the initial challenges of innovation in sustainable fashion.  

Since 2021, we have also looked to identify where the change of each proposed initiative is nested and how it relates to the rest. Individual change is not enough for us: we need to work collaboratively.  

In addition to tangible and measurable results, learning from these initiatives is a goal in itself. The completion of one initiative makes way for another to flourish. For this reason, not all initiatives reach the same stage of maturity – and we celebrate them all in the same way.


  1. Increased access to markets for micro and small businesses
  2. Economic inclusion of women and disadvantaged people
  3. Solutions for textile waste
  4. Encouragement and visibility of a Brazilian pluriethnic fashion
  5. Development of methodologies for training in sustaina
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"Colabora's initiatives are a vehicle for change for all of the Collaborators and for the society."



"Colabora's initiatives are a vehicle for change for all of the Collaborators and for the society."


Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies (DIEESE)


The Seed Funding is intended exclusively for initiatives coordinated by a Collaborator member and which include a partnership or collaboration with at least one other member of Colabora Moda Sustentavel.

Support from the Seed Funding, which goes to projects, solutions and businesses that are in the prototype stage, project development or implementation and incubation, includes financial support and supervision by Colabora Moda.



  1. To address the challenges identified in the transition towards sustainable and ethical fashion in Brazil, in consonance with the Recommendations for Sustainable Fashion;
  2. To support initiatives that devise regenerative solutions for fashion;
  3. To assist in the development of prototypes, projects and collaborative initiatives;
  4. To assist in the execution of activities or the further development of prototypes, projects and initiatives that pursue replicable or scalable solutions;
  5. To ensure that the minimum conditions are in place for prototypes, projects and initiatives to raise funds and implement or advance their work plans;
  6. To promote the networking and relationship-building between the members of Colabora Moda Sustentavel.
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