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Anti-Racist Training in Fashion

Initiative created to train leaders and managers around essential topics related to the Brazilian reality: race, racism, racial discrimination, racial prejudice, racial equality, and affirmative action. 

Span: 2019-2021

Proponent: The Decent Work Institute (ITD) (Patricia Lima)

Partenering Collaborators: Instituto C&A, Casa Salô (Lívia Salomoni),, Cora Design (Laura Madalosso, Raquel Chamis)

Seed Funding: R$ 10.000,00


An in-person workshop for leaders in the Brazilian fashion industry in April 2022. Led by lawyer Patricia Lima this educational activity included representatives from companies and organizations within the sector.

“This initiative should be considered a success because, in addition to addressing extremely important topics with strategic leaders, it was very well received by major brands, which are significant employers in the country and also hold a prominent role in the fashion supply chain. This helps broaden perspectives, attention, and the need not only to discuss but to take action on these issues. This initiative represents a first step.”

Patricia Lima, president of the Decent Work Institute (ITD) and creator of the Antiracist Training Initiative in Fashion.

How to get involved:

  • Share and promote inclusive practices that companies are adopting or could adopt;
  • Transform institutional practices into anti-racist practices;
  • Promote and amplify the initiative and its impacts.

Website: https://institutotrabalhodecente.org/en
Social media: https://www.instagram.com/instituto_trabalho_decente/
Recording of the 1st Anti-Racist Workshop in Fashion: https://youtu.be/VMHqw2GKSL8

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