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Tramando Junt@s

An initiative created for promoting decent work and living conditions for immigrant women, seamstresses and heads of household, based on the organization of the Coletivo Sartasinani, Aymara women who are immigrants from Bolivia and live in the Casa Verde neighborhood (Sao Paulo).

Proponent: Coletivo Sartasiñani

Partenering Collaborators: Alampyme BR (Sérgio Miletto), Instituto ECOAR, Éwà Poranga (Julia Vidal)

: Cabelegria

Seed Funding: R$ 14.000,00


  • Creation of a new model of collaborative work, with a methodology that can be replicated by other sewing collectives;
  • In 2020, at the outbreak of the pandemic, this initiative centered on the production of facemasks and personal protective equipment;
  • Currently working on a bill at the National Congress to establish a legal framework for the formalization the work model;
  • In 2021, Tramando Junt@s was selected for the production of school uniforms for the City of Sao Paulo, having crafted 5,323 pieces including shorts, t-shirts, socks, and jackets.
  • In the second half of 2021, they began a partnership with Ewa Poranga for the development of apparel under the Sartisinani brand;
  • During this period, they also had clients such as Santista and Ecotece, and established a partnership with the non-profit organization Cabelegria to produce wigs donated to children and women suffering hair loss caused by health conditions.
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