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Re.In.Venta: new directions for people and fabrics

Initiative created to develop new products from textile waste generated by Brazilian clothing manufacturers while socially including women incarcerated or recently released from incarceration

Span: 2022

Proponent: Itiana Pasetti, Revoada

Partenering Collaborators: Cora Design, Laura Madalosso, Raquel Chamis, Movimento #Euvistobem, Edmundo Lima, ABVTEX, ABIT, Instituto C&A, INTERTEXTIL.

Seed Funding: R$ 10.000


  • Creation of the first RE.IN.VENTA collection, with two template pieces;
  • Production of 57 bags and 129 notebooks as gifts for the annual meeting of Colabora Moda Sustentavel; strengthening the relationship between Cora Design, Revoada, and Eu Visto o Bem;
  • Refinement of collaborative work tools and methodologies; utilization of the developed technology for expansion in two subsequent projects, both supported by Colabora Moda;
  • Opportunity to showcase the project to prominent Brazilian brands.
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