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Our Fashion Sustains

Initiative created to spread knowledge about sustainable fashion through a collaborative glossary on Instagram, which later evolved into a series of roundtable discussions and webinars on terms that could be used to redefine Brazilian fashion based on the country’s diverse social and cultural values.

Span: 2020

Proponent: Itiana Pasetti, Revoada, Julia Vidal, Ewa Poranga, Laura Madalosso, Raquel Chamis, Cora Design, Lilly Clark, Moda Verde, Lívia Salomoni, Casa Salô

Seed Funding: R$ 7.125,00 (2020)


  • Three virtual meetings “Our Fashion Sustains – Dialogues”, on the following topics: Ancestry, Care Economy, and the Planet;
  • 15 speakers and moderators were involved;
    Support, through the donation of speakers’ fees, to Alma Kazury (the Xukuru people’s struggle at the Rise for the Earth Camp in Brasilia during June 2020, marking indigenous resistance against Bill 490/2007 and the Milestone Thesis);
  • 857 views on YouTube livestreams and engagement of over 6,140 people through Instagram content.
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