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“Espaço Semente” Fashion Revolution

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Initiative created to empower through fashion. the community of Cidade Tiradentes, located in the far east of Sao Paulo.

Span: 2020-2021

Proponent: Fashion Revolution (Fernanda Simon)

Partenering Collaborators: Instituto Febre (Eloisa Artuso), Fashion Revolution (Dandara Valadares e Isabella Luglio)

: Elisa Tupiná

Seed Funding: R$ 9.900


  • A mapping effort and two workshops with 16 seamstresses, women artisans, women micro-entrepreneurs, and a consultant, all residents of Cidade Tiradentes.
  • Testing of the workshop facilitation methodology, making it possible to replicate it in other communities/regions, and to different audiences.
  • The women saw the opportunity to organize themselves into a network and to value locally made products – from the culture of preserving Black heritage to ancestral reclamation. They also recognized the possibility of working with fashion for real bodies.
  • As a follow-up, the project’s second phase is expected to include a hub of mentorships and mini-courses. They will be structured and designed from a holistic perspective that considers both professional development and emotional and psychological support. A proposal for this purpose has already been submitted to a grant.


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