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“Flores Astrais” Collection

Initiative created to develop collaboratively with seamstresses a zero waste garment collection, using raw material from recovered umbrellas. The launch talked about regeneration, body diversity and reinforced LGBTQIA+ visibility. 

Span: 2021/22

Proponent: Itiana Pasetti (Revoada)

Partenering Collaborators: Trama Afetiva (Jackson Araújo), Casa Salô (Lívia Salomoni)

: Maos Amigas (cooperative of seamstresses from the Rubem Berta community, on the outskirts of Porto Alegre), Botao de Flor (a social inclusion project with sustainable fashion and upcycling practices for trans women and travestis experiencing homelessness in Sao Paulo), MARSHA! (a collective for artistic, educational, emotional, and political production by trans people and travestis from Sao Paulo).

Seed Funding: R$ 10.000,00 in 2021


  • The collection manufacturing, with 14 template pieces;
  • Extensive promotion (including fashion film, illustrative photos, catalog and Instagram posts);
  • Online launch during the Brasil Eco Fashion Week;
  • Creation of a manual technology turning umbrellas into tape yarns for crocheting;
  • A possible future collection in partnership with Instituto Proeza and the brand Catarina Mina.

“As part of the collection development, it was possible to transform umbrellas into tape yarns to be used in handicraft techniques, such as crochet, and include the human aspect of Brazilian handicrafts to the regenerative process. We managed to get 103 umbrellas out of landfill and turn them into a single piece, a maxi sweater, which shows the importance of the Seed Funding in empowering new regenerative solutions”

Thais Losso, part of the design team for the “Flores Astrais” collection/initiative.

Website: https://www.revoada.com.br/
Social media: https://www.instagram.com/revoada/

+ More (photos, videos, posts): Photos available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nqimh9dqctsdx0j/%5BFLORES%20ASTRAIS%5D%20FOTOS%20FINAIS.pdf?dl=0

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