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Campaign to give micro and small businesses access to fair market

This initiative was created to understand how small businesses can access the market collectively, promote and disseminate best market access practices for collective businesses, seamstresses, and small garment factories via discussion groups. It was built based on discussions from the Small Businesses and Supply Chain Base Front, which emerged in response to the pandemic from April 2020.

Span: 2020-2021

Proponent: Aliança Empreendedora (Cristina Filizzola), Estilistas Brasileiros (Cris Chiara)

Partenering Collaborators: ABIT (Camila Zelezoglo), ABVTEX (Edmundo Lima), Alampyme (Sergio Miletto), Better Cotton Initiative (João Rocha), Fundação Hermann Hering (Amélia Malheiros), Instituto Alinha (Dari Santos), Instituto E (Nina Braga), Revoada ( Itiana Pasetti), SEBRAE Nacional (Anny dos Santos), Vetor Afro Indígena na Moda (Rafael Silvério)

Seed Funding: R$ 10.000,00 em 2020


  • Creation of an online campaign in Portuguese and Spanish, targeted towards seamstresses and women workers from garment factories who often work informally or irregularly;
  • Three online workshops on co-creation and exploring their work issues with the initiative’s partners;
  • First presentation to small garment factories made up of 21 immigrants from the Costurando Sonhos network, most of them Bolivian women;
  • Bridge the gap between the organizations’ representatives and target groups. Alianca Empreendedora, The Brazilian Association of Textile Retail (ABVTEX), the Tecendo Sonhos Program, Estilistas Brasileiros, the Brazilian Association of Textile Retail (ABVTEX), the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae)e Colabora Moda Sustentavel;
  • The IV Tecendo Sonhos Meet-Up was held on October 21, with more than 800 views and the participation of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Estilistas Brasileiros, Colabora Moda Sustentavel, Instituto C&A, Instituto Lojas Renner, the Brazilian Association of Textile Retail (ABVTEX), the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), Instituto Alinha and Aurora, Senhora!.

Website: https://tamojunto.aliancaempreendedora.org.br/tecendo-sonhos-lanca-material-informativo-para-oficinas-de-costura/
Social media: https://www.instagram.com/aliancaempreendedora/
IV Tecendo Sonhos Meet-Up https://youtu.be/3dbaVddFVbc


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