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The Untold Fashion History

Initiative created with the purpose of launching the first online course on Afro-Indigenous Brazilian fashion, with its own teaching methodology and content.

Span: 2020

Proponent: Julia Vidal

Partenering Collaborators: Fashion Revolution (Fernanda Simon), SENAI CETIQT (Angelica Coelho e Marcelo Ramos)

: Universidade Indígena Maracanà, IED SP (Katia Lamarca)

Seed Funding: R$ 5.850,00


  • A pilot program for 24 students, spanning five months of live classes, recorded content, and content sharing.
  • For promotional purposes, seven livestreams were conducted covering related topics (reaching 1,827 people).
  • Following the learning journey, the Ewa Poranga school was established, the very first pluricultural Brazilian fashion school.

Website: https://www.juliavidal.com.br/ahistoriaqueamodanaoconta
Social media: https://www.instagram.com/juliavidaletnias/

More: https://youtu.be/DBscNcwghsI

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