Colabora Moda sustentável

Colabora Moda Sustentável – Sustainable Fashion Collaboration has been taking action since 2017 to articulate one of the main industries in the Brazilian economy.

About 100 – natural and legal – people are brought together around a common goal: the multi-sectoral platform. Among its members are the main manufacturers, factories, brands, retailers, sectoral associations, influencers, seamstresses, and leaders in the country. All of them with the shared purpose of promoting cultural changes, influencing public policies, building new narratives, and creating sound solutions to support an ethical and sustainable fashion in Brazil.

Our History



Creation of the Sustainable Fashion Lab as a project linked to Reos Partners; establishment of the Convening Alliance (Abit, ABVTEX, ILO, and C&A Institute); constitution of the project’s main team (with 41 leaders) and creation of transformative scenarios for 2035.


Transformation of the Convening Alliance into the Governance Council and definition of the Theory of Change; 6 initiatives co-created by the team.


Entry of DIEESE into the Governance Council and establishment of the Advisory Council. Renewal of the team and 8 other co-created initiatives. First seed-money call for proposals for 3 initiatives prototyped by the Lab members


Undertaking of the program Covida 20, in partnership with Trê; undertaking of the 2020 Sustainable Fashion Lab Call, in partnership with Pipe.Social, with 175 mapped businesses and 3 businesses mentored by major companies; 10 co-created initiatives, 7 of which supported by Seed Money.


Transformation of the Sustainable Fashion Lab, into the Sustainable Fashion Collaboration / Colabora Moda Sustentável, platform for collaboration and innovation to support a sustainable fashion, with about 100 members made up by people and companies from the industry.


What kind of fashion do we want for 2030 and how can we get there?

Colabora Moda Sustentável seeks to answer this question in its Theory of Change, pointing to a sustainable and ethical fashion. We work in and on the present, contributing to:

→ Natural resources used in a regenerative and sustainable way;

→ Strengthening of small and medium enterprises;

→ Development of sustainable solutions and businesses with scale potential; 

→ Sustainable and ethical sales relationships in the fashion chain;

→ Reduction of informality;

→ Strengthening of the relationship and collaboration between various stakeholders in the industry;

→ Professional training and development;

→ Transformation in the fashion culture and raised awareness of consumers;

→ Public policies supporting the development of a sustainable fashion;

→ Development of investment mechanisms for sustainable fashion;

This change is carried out through interventions and collaborative actions in the following transformative axes:

* Education, Science, and Technology
* Environment
* Employment and Equity
* Culture and Consumption
* Business Model
* Public Policies


Involves all chain links • Is plural and diverse • Integrates regions and territories • Is sunny, hot, and colorful • Embraces conflict • Multiplies and pushes on • Seeks regeneration • Toggles between manual and industrial labor • Sees an ancestral future • Has impact • Humanizes • Takes on technology • Brings people, companies, and institutions together • Seeks transparency • Offers suggestions • Engages • Listens to all accents • Gets texture from our raw materials • Vibrates • Connects• Plants seeds • Believes in active hope • Reacts to reality • Is proud • Connects to transform • Creates the future now


We have collaboration in our very name, and this is not by chance. Collaboration is both a value and the methodology that drives our work. The team of Colabora Moda Sustentável has an intense practice to enhance knowledge and create a culture of sharing. As a platform, we need to reach a high level of connection with other movements committed to sustainability.

To allow the collective construction of paths that transform the Brazilian fashion, we gather people, companies, and institutions with different – and at times even conflicting – profiles and interests. The relationship between players is essential to the existence of Colabora Moda Sustentável, as it has a systemic view of fashion. 

Together we can connect mentors and entrepreneurs, prototype initiatives that allow for change, and seek financial solutions to leverage such initiatives collectively. We also work on the construction of future scenarios, promote events and publications (with the purpose of sharing information with a wider audience), and commit to developing skills. 


Based on our systemic view of the Brazilian fashion, we have established five transformative axes to change the production chain over the next years:

 1) Business Model,
2) Employment and Equity,
3) Environment,
4) Culture and Consumption, and
5) Education, Science, and Technology.

Since 2017, these axes have helped us co-created and prototype 26 initiatives. Learn more about some of them: 


Scenarios are stories about what could happen in the future. They help to inspire, encourage, and influence strategies, decisions, and actions. The future is not given; it is created. We can use these scenarios to help us build different possibilities of future. Therefore, we need a collective that respects the fashion ecosystem and raises relevant questions, unacceptable situations, and active forces. This way, we make room to imagine the possible fashion ecosystems we have ahead of us. 

Our imagination is the starting point to assess all the available options and pick out the future we want. In Colabora Moda Sustentável, we have created four Scenarios for the Future of Brazil’s Fashion Industry in 2035 – and each one of them is relevant, challenging, plausible, and clear. They have served as input to create and prototype innovative multi-sectoral initiatives capable of improving the clothing chain in Brazil over the next years.

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